Every week we strive to create an environment where anyone can Encounter God. Whether you are already following Jesus or you’re not even sure there is a God, we’d love to meet you and invite you to join in the conversation.

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Connect Groups

Why Connect Groups?  Why not “Bible Studies” or “Small Groups”?  The reason is pretty simple.  A small group might get together, talk about the Bible, and that might be as far as they go.  We believe there should be more.

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What We Believe

“In Christianity, theology is the last refuge of a spiritually weak church.  Theology requires no faith, no love, and no sacrifice.  A faithless “Christian” who has no real relationship with God can give mental assent to a list of doctrines, the same as the spiritually strongest Christian can.  So as the church weakened, it began to place greater emphasis on doctrine.  Will The Real Heretics Please Stand Up, David W. Bercot

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