Straw or gold?

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This post is by Lauren. I’m no poet.  If the human mind roughly consists of math and art, mine is 85% math, and the art side is used to figure out new ways to make life even more logical.  Believe me, I have tried to write poetry.  I end up focusing most on making sure the rhyming words rhyme and the meter is perfect. I wish I was better at metaphors and analogies, but I’m just not.  Paul draws a great metaphor in 1 Corinthians 3:9-15 about “building” the church.  I read it the other day, and to be honest,…

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“Tell me about yourself.”

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This post is by Lauren. You know those annoying assignments you had to do every year in school where you were asked to summarize yourself in a poem or a collage?  They were so cheesy.  Why is every teacher obsessed with poorly drawn pictures of our siblings and hobbies?  I think it’s because they wanted to help us figure out how we identify ourselves.  Identity is a huge part of how we act, make decisions and perceive the world. During a discussion with a friend recently, I realized that our identity is often the reason we all struggle with something…

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