Connect Groups


Monday Connect Group –

  • 7:00 PM / Room 2502 in the Union / leaders: Josh, Brittany B., and Matt


Thursday Connect Group –

  • Connect Group / Room 2502 in the Union / leaders: AJ and Callie

Feel free to contact Susan Driver with any questions:

Why Connect Groups?  Why not “Bible Studies” or “Small Groups”?  The reason is pretty simple.  A small group might get together, talk about the Bible, and that might be as far as they go.  We believe there should be more.

That “more” is developing friendships with people whom you can live your life with.  The goal of a Connect Group is to connect a small community of people together so you can live life with one another.  Here is what you will see in every Connect Group.

Eat Together – Share a snack or dessert together to start off the night.  There’s something special about eating together… especially when it’s a dessert.
Pray Together – Take time to talk to God on behalf of those in the group.
Study Together – Engage in open and honest discussions about the Bible and how it applies to our everyday lives.
Serve Together – Use what we have to make an impact in the community around us (UNC, Chapel Hill, etc.). 
Play Together – Get together occasionally to hang out outside of regular meeting times.

Connect Groups happen twice a week.  We have one that meets on Monday nights and one that meets on Thursday nights. Details for time and location are at the top of this page.  We will add more Connect Groups as they are needed.  Also, we understand class schedules.  You are welcome to be a part of a Connect Group even if your schedule doesn’t allow you to be involved in other areas of CCF.