Fall Retreat is coming up! There is no better place to grow in faith and in community that at one of our retreats!  Come and join other college students from across the state as we spend time away from the stresses of school.  Check out the quick details below as well as registration!  At the bottom, you will find more specifics about what to expect!

  • When: September 22nd – 24th
  • Where: Park Springs Christian Camp
  • What: A weekend of Fellowship, Worship, and Fun
  • Speaker: Brandon Westmoreland || Pastor of The Point Church South Raleigh
  • Topic: The Hunger Games || What does it look like to be hungry for God?
  • Cost: $65 || Discounts and Scholarships Available!


We are so excited that you are interested in our Fall Retreat!  Registration is nice and easy, don’t worry!  The cost of the weekend is $65 plus the cost of a quick meal on the way up and on the way back.  HOWEVER, if this is your first time going on a retreat with us, there are 20 scholarships available for $30 dollars off.  ALSO, if you register by September 7th, you will receive an additional $5 dollars off.  So, you could come for a weekend away for only $30!  If money is an issue, please come talk to us.  Turn in money in person to Dean or Lauren.  Cash or Checks are accepted.  Make all checks payable to Campus Christian Fellowship.

Let us know you’re coming online here by September 13th!

When We Are Going

We will be leaving campus at about 4:30 on Friday, September 22nd and returning at approximately 2pm on Sunday September 24th!  This will allow for time to get home and be able to take care of any school responsibilities before the start of the next week!  If you are worried about the times, just talk to us!

What We Will Be Doing

We will have morning and evening worship and teaching.  There will be opportunities to go to workshops as well put on by Campus Staff from across the state.  Get ready to have a blast, especially with afternoon freetime.  There will be rock climbing, zip-lining, canoes, and more outdoor activities!

The speaker this year is Brandon Westmoreland, Pastor of The Point Church South Raleigh!  We are so excited to have him.  Brandon has been in ministry for 10 years.  He loves hip hop music and when asked “What is something people should know about you?”, he wants you to know that he is a dog person and not a cat person!  His humorous attitude is contagious and you will connect with him immediately!  His speaking is something that you don’t want to miss!

Where We'll Be

Park Springs Christian Camp is located just outside of Yanceyville, North Carolina.  It is tucked away from the stresses and busyness of the city and is a great location to be able to just get away.  It is about an hour drive from Chapel hill.  Get ready to be able to have a true fall experience here in North Carolina!

We will be carpooling there.  If you don’t have a vehicle, don’t worry!  We will organize rides and make sure nobody gets left behind!