The Point Church – Chapel Hill

If you’re looking for a great church in Chapel Hill you should check out The Point Church – Chapel Hill.

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Useful Links

Just a few links we thought might be useful.  If you have any others you think should be here let us know.

Association of Campus Ministries

Bible Gateway



What do we believe?

“In Christianity, theology is the last refuge of a spiritually weak church.  Theology requires no faith, no love, and no sacrifice.  A faithless ‘Christian’ who has no real relationship with God can give mental assent to a list ofdoctrines, the same as the spiritually strongest Christian can.  So as the church weakened, it began to place greater emphasis on doctrine.”  Will The Real Heretics Please Stand Up, David W. Bercot

We must watch how we live and what we believe very closely.  (I Timothy 4:16)  One without the other is worthless.  But together they are powerful.

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