The Beginning of a Chapter…

By July 18, 2017Lauren
There’s nothing quite like Chapel Hill in the fall. Aside from the vibrant colors of the trees, the bustling of giddy, wide-eyed new and seasoned students gives UNC’s campus an optimistic energy. New classes, new friends, and a plethora of new activities to get involved in from football games to trying out new restaurants on Franklin Street. The excitement is almost palpable. I look forward to it each year.
UNC is a place where many students seek to get their questions answered. What are my academic strengths? What career path should I pursue? What kind of person am I going to be? How can I contribute to society? Those precious four years between high school and the workforce are truly a crossroads. On top of these crucial decisions, a college student will likely also come face-to-face with the spiritual aspects of life. What do I believe about God? 
I remember being in college, out from under my parents’ umbrella, and facing a crisis of faith. I had always been taught about Jesus, but what if everything I knew was wrong? I desperately wanted it to be true, but was terrified that somehow it wasn’t. And so I sought answers. Being part of CCF was crucial during that time. I was afraid of the questions I was asking but in CCF, I found friends that weren’t shocked or scared off by my doubts, but listened. And eventually, as He promises, God revealed Himself to me in new, more solid ways. My faith became my own.
Whether you are seeking the truth, have come to the other side of your doubts, or have never even wondered about God before this blog post, we welcome you. We want to be a place where you can safely seek God. We want to be a witness to your life and your questions and your struggles. We want to be a group of friends with whom you don’t have to pretend… friends who love you the way God loves you. We want to show you who Jesus is.
– Lauren Schultz
   Women’s Minister at CCF